Lansdowne College Universities and Careers

Helping Students Stand Out From the Crowd

Lansdowne College has been successfully placing students on the most competitive degree courses at the most sought after universities since 1976.

Gaining entry to a top university means more than just proven academic ability in the form of excellent A-Level grades. Students have to stand out from the crowd, demonstrating great personal maturity, a genuine passion for the subject they wish to read and potential for the future.

At Lansdowne College, we prepare students for both academic success and to meet their ambition to gain entry into a top degree course. We achieve this by providing students with guidance at every stage of their degree and university selection and application, beginning at the college admissions interview.

One-to-one UCAS advisory sessions, exceptional teaching and specialist training programmes put students in the best possible position for entry into their desired university, leaving nothing to chance. The college maintains close relationships with admissions tutors at many leading universities to understand the qualities they are looking for, and to ensure we know important indicators such as the application-to-place ratios for different universities and degree programmes. We provide in-depth interview training including voice projection, body language, background reading and mock interviews.

Our students’ ultimate aim is to gain entrance to leading universities and develop rewarding careers. Lansdowne College encourages this ambition and work to help students understand the opportunities available for university progression, recognise their personal strengths and interests, matching these to help them identify the most appropriate degrees.

We understand that our students have a diverse range of interests and the individual focus we give them is reflected in their degree choices. Our students are ambitious and continue to secure places on the most recognised degrees at the most prestigious institutions, including the UK’s Leading Universities; the Russell Group, Top 20 ranked and Medical Schools.

Guidance and Support for UCAS Preparation

Our dedicated tutors are on hand to provide expert knowledge, guidance and support with the complex process of making a successful UCAS application. Increasingly this is about much more than just academic grades as universities use a basket of measures in their decision making and the number of early offers, often driven by good AS-Level results, is growing.

Our expert team also provides advice and assistance in writing a clear, concise, convincing and relevant personal statement as well as supplying positive and expertly written student references. They can help students seek relevant work placements as well as other professional, voluntary and non-academic experience that is so important.