Lansdowne College Fees

Our Fee Structures

Lansdowne College has two different fee structures, one for UK students and one for international students. Click the appropriate link below to download fees and an application form or scroll down the page to read UK fees on this webpage:

UK Students    International Students


All application forms must be filled out in full and will be submitted to the College admissions office, upon approval eligible candidates will proceed to the next step in the application process.

UK Students:

Tuition Fees
GCSE Autumn Term Spring & Summer Terms Academic Year
Two Year Course
Full programme – five or more GCSEs £9,525 £9,525 £19,050
One Year Course
One to four GCSEs – per subject £2,075 £2,075 £4,150
Full programme – five or more GCSEs (these fees apply for 2016/2017) £9,875 £9,875 £19,750
Short Retake Course
September to October – per subject £2,050 £2,050
Additional Fees
Non-refundable registration fee £250
Deposit £1,000
BMAT Preparation £535
UKCAT Preparation £270
Medical Programme £320
Oxbridge Programme £535
Exam fees are not included in the Tuition Fees or Deposit
Applicants for GCSE and A-Level programmes will receive a 2% discount on total fees including accommodation if paid in full by 31/5/2016. After this date, the 2% discount will apply to tuition fees only, if paid in full 2 weeks prior to the start of term for programmes of 2 terms or more.
Individual Tuition Autumn Term Spring & Summer Terms Academic Year
A-Level & GCSE £100 per hour
Two Year Course
Lower Sixth £10,475 £10,475 £20,950
Upper Sixth £10,475 £10,475 £20,950
One Year Intensive Course
One subject £4,225 £4,225 £8,450
Two subjects £8,450 £8,450 £16,900
Three subjects £10,800 £10,800 £21,600
Five Term A Level (January start) £12,200
Subject Supplements
All Sciences, Arts £240 £240 £480
Retake Courses (per subject)
January to June £5,300
Boarding Fees
Autumn Term Spring & SUmmer Terms Academic Year
Princess Beatrice House – Single Room £9,975 £9,975 £19,950
Princess Beatrice House – Shared Room £7,725 £7,725 £15,450
Princess Beatrice House – Triple Room £6,450 £6,450 £12,900
Pure – Self Catering Single Room £6,997.50 £6,997.50 £13,995
Catering package (Pure only) £3,200 per year for breakfast, lunch and dinner served
at the college or boarding house (not Pure Hammersmith)
Cleaning package (Pure only) £1,300 per year for weekly studio and en-suite clean