Lansdowne College Pastoral Care

Providing Students with the Support They Need to Progress

Lansdowne College offers an informal, friendly and supportive learning environment that helps our students gain a well-balanced education, while still achieving their full academic potential. Our pastoral care system provides students with the support they require in order to be able to focus on their studies and subsequently progress to competitive degrees at leading universities.

All our students are assigned a personal tutor, who closely monitors their progress and welfare. Personal tutors keep track of the lesson attendance, punctuality and academic performance of the students for whom they are responsible. They also act as the first point of contact for any questions or concerns that students or their parents may have.

At Lansdowne College, we allow our students the necessary freedom to develop as independent learners, but we also expect them to follow our rules. In addition to helping students with any problems they may encounter, personal tutors can also provide extra support, if required, when students are underperforming. Should this arise, personal tutors meet weekly with students to ensure targets are set and that progress is monitored even more closely.

We also offer a range of extracurricular activities at Lansdowne College, including sports teams and various trips throughout the year. Taking part in these activities can help students to gain social skills and develop strong friendship groups, which we believe are both important factors in gaining successful academic results.

Our staff have a caring nature and tutors are always available to give students help and support outside of the classroom. Teachers and students often continue their class discussions after lessons have finished. We pride ourselves on our ability to create an environment that fosters the development of intelligent, independent learners who aspire to maintain the exceptionally high standards that we set.