18-month A-Level

Lansdowne College 18-month A-Level

Intensive Courses with the Same Choice of Subjects

The 18-month A-Level programme at Lansdowne College provides opportunities for many different types of student and this can include students:
  • Who have completed one term of study at another school or college that cannot offer them the flexibility to make a rapid change in direction and choose entirely new A-level subjects to study
  • For whom their home country academic year finishes in November or December
  • Returning to the UK having lived and studied overseas.

Students starting their Lansdowne College 18-month A-Level programmes in January 2017 study three subjects from January-June and during this period of time receive the same amount of tuition as students who started A-Levels in September. Tuition is delivered in stand-alone groups where the subject material requires this. However, for some subjects students can join the September 2016 start groups and this, combined with additional separate tuition, enables full topic coverage to be achieved. Students can expect a minimum of twenty-one hours of tuition per week for a three-subject programme with further timetabled hours encompassing Exam Paper Practice (EPP), tutor group periods and Clubs & Societies.

Students joining this programme will not take AS-Level examinations in the summer of 2017 and their tuition will continue through until and including the last week of the 2017 summer term.

The 18-month A-Level programme is a demanding course and places are limited. Consequently, we look for students who have both the academic ability and motivation to cope with the pressures of this programme.

The subjects and exam boards available for the January 2017 start 18-month A-Level programme are:

Mathematics & Sciences
English & Creative Arts
Social Sciences, Humanities & Business