Lansdowne College One-year A-Levels

Intensive Courses with the Same Choice of Subjects

Lansdowne College offers self-contained, intensive A-Level courses that cover the entire AS and A-Level syllabus in one academic year.

These course are suitable for varying types of student:

  • Students who have completed the first, AS, year of their A-Levels whether or not they have taken AS-level examinations
  • Students who have completed their A-Level qualification and would like to retake A-levels to improve their grade
  • Students who wish to complete an entirely new subject or subjects that are more appropriate to their intended degree course or career goals

Rigorous and demanding, but ultimately hugely rewarding, Lansdowne College’s intensive A-Level courses incorporate frequent examination practice and have a strong focus on students’ academic success. Our experienced staff combine first-rate tuition with expert support and assistance that we believe helps all students fulfil their maximum academic potential and achieve their academic targets.

Students can study up to three subjects in this intensive programme. The first half of the specification is covered in the autumn term and the second half in the spring term, leaving the summer term to focus on revision lessons and further exam practice.

Subjects and exam boards available for these courses: