Lansdowne College Two-year A-Levels

Allowing Students to Explore Subjects in Depth

Lansdowne College provides an excellent environment for students to undertake both years of their sixth form studies. Small class sizes ensure our students receive the support and mentoring that they need to progress, whilst our meticulous, systematic approach to exam preparation helps all students achieve their full academic potential.

Our students can tailor their personal learning programme to suit their individual ambitions, and they all receive expert advice about the best subject combination for them, based on their interests, strengths and university aspirations. Students also have the opportunity to combine arts and science subjects, if they are unsure which degree or career path to pursue.

The majority of our students take four AS-Levels initially, and continue with three of their chosen subjects to A-Level. Our flexible approach to timetabling is responsive to students’ educational needs, meaning we can also accommodate students who wish to take more or fewer subjects than our standard model.

During the lower sixth year, we help our students begin to prepare for university, offering them extensive UCAS support, covering everything from choosing a university and a degree course, to writing a personal statement.

Subjects and exam boards available for these courses: