Easter Revision

Lansdowne College has successfully run Easter Revision Courses for over 25 years.

We have had many students realise their potential and achieve academic success thanks to our Easter Revision Course. In fact, over the past 25 years we have helped thousands of students in at both GCSE and A Level, enabling them to progress onto their chosen path for their studies.

How do we do this? In our experience, students often find themselves unaware of exactly what the examiners are looking for and subsequently unsure of what makes an A* grade answer. The Easter Revision Courses at Lansdowne remedy this by not just focusing on the subject content, but also on extensive and comprehensive examination preparation, including a free mock examination at the end of the course.

Our courses succeed by establishing what students already know and understand, through tasks, class discussions and homework. Only then can teachers ensure the right kind of feedback and help. Many students are hardworking and diligent in their studies and their approach, and yet still find the top grades beyond their grasp. This is often due not to a lack of ability, but to poor revision techniques, inadequate examination preparation and practice, as well as a general lack of confidence.

Our aim is to equip students with the confidence they need to achieve outstanding academic results.

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Outside the Classroom

Time will be made available every day for individual help and guidance. Very often, ten minutes spent with the teacher can make the difference in helping solve any remaining difficulties. Students are also encouraged to attend lunchtime workshops, which take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These seminars provide additional help in:

Effective time management
Developing confidence
Comprehensive revision planning
Examination techniques

Examination Preparation

At Lansdowne we believe that it is of paramount importance to monitor regularly the progress a student is making. Consequently, every lesson will contain a ‘spot test’ of 10-15 minutes. This allows the teacher to assess immediately areas of weakness. In addition to this, a full mock examination takes place free of charge on the Saturday following completion of the course. This is then comprehensively marked and returned to the student with recommendations and useful comments and tips for their forthcoming examinations.

The Examination

It is all too common for a student with a good knowledge of the subject to underperform in the examination. As parents and tutors, we have all heard, “I know it but I can’t write it down!” At Lansdowne most of our teachers are also examiners – their experience and expertise are put to excellent use as students are guided towards producing high quality answers, satisfying exactly what the examiner will be looking for. In addition to the all-important subject knowledge, particular attention is given to: · Revision Techniques · Examination skills · Problem solving · Essay writing · Time management. These skills, combined with expert tuition and guidance, put the student in an excellent position to perform well in their examinations.

Easter Revision Dates & Timetable

If you would like to view the dates and a session timetable for Easter Revision 2016, please click here.


It is essential that both students and parents are informed of the progress that has been made on the course. The end of the course report will highlight areas where revision time would be most usefully spent and tips on how to achieve the top grades in the examinations.

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Course Director Profile

 Jo Simmonds has a BA in Russian and Japanese from the University of Leeds. Having studied abroad for a year each at Moscow State University and Kansai University of Foreign Languages himself, he is a staunch advocate of the benefits of receiving an international perspective to one’s education. Since graduation Jo has taught English in private schools in Russia and universities in Japan and travelled extensively across the globe. Jo derives great satisfaction from seeing his students develop and grow into self-confident young adults. He is an experienced Easter Revision Course Director who focuses on the delivery of a truly personalised Easter Revision experience to enable you to get ahead with your summer exams.

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Our students’ experience…

I will be attending the University of Exeter to study Business and Management. I got every kind of support I needed from the teachers at Lansdowne College. My Personal Tutor was always on hand to provide advice when I was stressed with exams and offered targeted and useful advice for my personal statement. I had a good two years at Lansdowne College and I have made wonderful friends. My top tip to future students is to study hard and remember that nothing is impossible.
Souzan Oskovei