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Lansdowne College has been helping students achieve success in their retake exams for over twenty years.

If you don’t achieve the A-level results you hope for, don’t panic! You are not alone and, with the dedicated Retake Courses available at Lansdowne College, help is at hand.

We don’t believe that you should have to accept a place at a university just to get onto a degree course which requires lower grades, when you know you are capable of higher achievement. If you are confident you can improve on your results, then one of our Retake Courses might be the right choice for you.

The teachers at Lansdowne College use a distinctive style of programme designed to promote self-motivation, based on intensive revision, regular exam preparation and practice, small classes and dedicated university guidance. The success of this method speaks for itself, with the majority of students achieving grades from A* to B to get on the university course of their choice.

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Option 1: One-Year Retake Course

September to June

This intensive option offers students the opportunity to thoroughly revise their subjects and it is suited for students who need to improve their grades.

Option 2: Short Retake Course

January to June

Students studying on this option have the opportunity to gain work experience or travel before embarking on the Retake Course. Students have the option to apply for university in the Autumn Term and will receive dedicated UCAS advice from the College.

Expert University Guidance

Lansdowne College offers specialist advice on how to submit an effective re-application for competitive degree courses, including Medicine or Law, at Russell Group universities. Learn more here.

Students receive one-to-one sessions with a dedicated UCAS advisor throughout the university application process to maximise their chances of getting into a Russell Group university. Through these sessions, the student will learn how to use their retake experience to their advantage. Subject teachers will also be on hand to provide their knowledge and expertise on subject choices and personal statement writing.

A-Level Retakes- Exam Board Transfers

At Lansdowne College we are experts in preparing students for their exams and getting them in to the university of their choice.

Students are sometimes concerned whether they can retain good results they have achieved at their previous schools and build on them to get an outstanding final grade. It’s important to understand your options.

Details of our chosen exam boards can be found below.

AS level to A2 Transfers

Transfers at this stage is usually unproblematic. Many students come to Lansdowne College from other schools after completing or partially completing their AS levels, and it’s straightforward to change exam boards for A2.

All this means is that your module points are transferred over to the new exam board, so it’s as if you did your exams with the new exam board the whole time.

A2 Transfers

The situation with A2 transfers has become more challenging now exam boards do not allow candidates to switch exam boards once their results have been ‘cashed in’. You will know if your grades have been cashed in as they will appear on your statement of results as a capital letter; this is your final grade.

The only way you can improve your grade is to retake modules on the same exam board.

Lansdowne tutors have a wealth of experience in teaching a wide range of exam board syllabuses and our small class sizes and focus on exam preparation will ensure your retakes get you the results you deserve.

Here are the main exam boards we offer:

Edexcel OCR AQA
Maths ü ü ü
Biology ü ü ü
Chemistry ü ü ü

If you want to retake other subjects on different exam boards from the ones we offer at Lansdowne, we may be able to organise this as  individual tuition or in a small group.

The way forward is to come in and talk through your options with our expert staff who will always give best advice.

For more information on the Exam boards that we offer at Lansdowne College visit our Exam boards page by clicking here



Student Testimonials

“Since attending the one year retake course at Lansdowne College my overall confidence has increased and I have grown as a person. Through the teaching, my knowledge has become a lot deeper than the A-Level content. I moved to Lansdowne from another College and I’m really pleased that my Maths increased from E to A, Physics from D to B and Geography from D to C. In addition, I was given great feedback on my personal statement and I received four out of five university offers. My study skills and motivation increased exponentially at Lansdowne College. I would definitely advise future retake students to attend Lansdowne College and use the teachers to the limit as they really know their stuff and will help you improve.” Kieran Williams, University of Southampton, Geophysical Sciences.


Alex Phillips“After two gruelling hours trying to log on to UCAS, I saw the word “unsuccessful” by my name. I needed three A grades to read history at Leeds. I hadn’t got them, and I hadn’t got my place. My school advised me to find a place through UCAS’ Clearing, swallow my pride, and go to any university that would accept me. I refused, and in a state of denial, left it to my mother to enrol me in a school to retake my exams. My confidence was at rock bottom.

Lansdowne College knew what it was doing. Every single assessment objective, mark scheme and practice paper was dissected and laid out in front of me, so that even if I t think I could achieve it, I knew exactly what was being asked of me. My teachers knew the exam boards better than I knew my date of birth, and translated that knowledge to me. I practised exam after exam until it was burned into my brain through sheer repetition and hard work.

My confidence grew enough for me to re-apply, choosing the universities I really liked, even aspiring to Bristol, who asked for A*AA. I got through the retakes by thinking of them as just another weekly exam, and when the college told me I had got A*A*A, I had to see it in writing before I believed them.

Suddenly, my future was certain again. I became my own person. My gap year had not held me back – instead it shaped me. Those grades weren’t just down to me. I owed all those at Lansdowne for guiding me into and through the exams.” Alex Phillips, University of Bristol, History.

“I studied on the A-Level retake course at Lansdowne College and would definitely say I have benefited from the teaching. I saw a massive improvement on both my French and Religious Studies A-Level results. I received lots of support throughout the UCAS application process and useful advice on university choices. I achieved AB at A-Level and will be studying Theology at the University of Kent.” Robert Ellis, University of Kent, Theology.

Further Information

Choosing the Right A-level Subjects

CIFE – FAQs on A-Level Retakes

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Our students’ experience…

I’d like to thank Lansdowne College, in particular Richard Howarth, for the work you put in and the help you gave me as I couldn’t be happier with Economics mark. I also got an A* in Maths, so am able to go to Bristol to do Economics and feel I am a much more able Economist.
James Phillips

Our students’ experience…

I achieved AAB in my A-Levels and will be studying Pharmacy at Durham University. I joined Lansdowne College in Year 13 and after the disappointment of not reaching my full potential in the previous year, Lansdowne gave me the opportunity to double my confidence and achieve even better than I originally expected. I was really pleased to improve on my previous Chemistry grade from a D to an A. This is down to lots of good exam practice which prepared me for the final examination. The teacher…
Subhue Sattar