Lansdowne College Retakes

Achieving Better Grades

For students who need to improve on their A-Level or GCSE results, Lansdowne College offers fully focused retakes programmes which maximise their chances of achieving better grades.

Why Retake Exams?

In order to gain entry to competitive degrees offered by leading universities, or to embark on A-Level courses, it’s vitally important that students achieve good exam results. A-Level students need to achieve the required grades in order to progress to their preferred degree course. GCSE students wishing to progress to A-Level studies require a minimum of five GCSEs at Grade A*-C.

At Lansdowne College, our highly qualified teachers have a wealth of experience of teaching A-Level and GCSE retakes. Their expertise in meticulous exam preparation includes helping students identify areas of study that need increased focus, to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes again. Our retakes students rapidly discover that they are making significant progress with their studies, rather than simply repeating classes from the previous year.

Lansdowne College offers a variety of different retake course options. For all students on our A-Level retakes programmes, we also offer comprehensive support with university applications.