Lansdowne College A-Level Retakes

Keeping Students on Course to Maximise Their Academic Potential

Lansdowne College has been helping students achieve success in their A-Level retakes for more than 20 years. As such, we can reassure potential students that all is not lost if they do not gain their desired A-Level results first time… far from it. This London sixth form college can provide the answer with its dedicated Retake Courses.For those students who are capable of improving their grades, our Retake Courses can provide an ideal solution. Enrolling on a Retake A-Level Course at Lansdowne College means students do not have to accept a place offered at a lesser university simply because their grades were lower than expected.

The teachers at Lansdowne College follow a programme designed to promote self-motivation, based on intensive revision, regular exam preparation and practice, small class sizes and dedicated university guidance. The success of this method speaks for itself, with the majority of students achieving grades from A* to B to get on the university course of their choice.

Option 1: One-year Retake Course

September to June

This intensive option offers students the opportunity to thoroughly revise their subjects. It is ideally suited for students who need to significantly improve their grades.

Option 2: Short Retake Course

January to June

Students studying on this option can travel or undertake work experience before starting the Retake Course. Students have the option to apply for university in the Autumn Term and receive dedicated UCAS advice from the college.

For questions about the Retake Courses please email: