Lansdowne College GCSE Retakes

Keeping Students on Course to Maximise Their Academic Potential

At Lansdowne College we offer programmes for students to retake GCSE English Language and/or GCSE Mathematics in November. Students can enrol solely for these GCSE retakes or alternatively study this programme alongside other subjects to be studied for the entire academic year.

Personalised Teaching and Support

A combination of small class sizes, personal tutor sessions from the head of GCSE and a strong focus on the individual needs of our students, keeps them all firmly on course to achieve their maximum academic potential.

A Complete Education

As a leading London GCSE college we combine study skills sessions, supervised independent study periods, Personal, Social and Health Education and regular examination practice, with study trips and weekly activity and sports sessions, to give students the skills and experience they need to succeed and make well-informed future study options.

Direct Progression to A-Levels

On successful completion of their GCSE studies, students can progress directly onto an A-Level programme at Lansdowne College to begin their preparations for university entry.