Lansdowne College High School Term Programme

A Unique Insight into British Culture for International Students

The High School Term programme at Lansdowne College offers international students the opportunity to join our college community for one, two or three terms in order to experience the British education system and culture.

As a leading London sixth form college, we offer a highly structured learning environment, aimed at developing students’ academic knowledge, English language skills and cultural understanding.

To achieve this we provide:

  • The opportunity to study alongside British and other international students preparing to enter world-class universities
  • One-to-one sessions with a personal tutor
  • Weekly examination practice
  • Two comprehensive reports per term
  • The opportunity for students to extend their programme and to continue studying at Lansdowne College for either GCSE or A-Level qualifications
Course Options

Students under 16 on 1 September

Students follow the GCSE programme which includes Maths, English and Science with options to study humanities and creative subjects.

  • IELTS requirement: 4.5 or above

Students 16 or over on 1 September

Students follow the A-Level pathway. Courses starting in September allow students to study four subjects of their choice plus Academic English. Courses starting in January offer a choice of three subjects in addition to Academic English.

  • IELTS requirement: 5.5 or above

Students who are aged 16 or over with a level of English language lower than IELTS 5.5 may be recommended the GCSE programme.

Students are advised to check with their domestic education system to ensure that credits can be awarded for studies completed overseas.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities available include sport, art, textiles, debating, critical thinking, career talks, cultural evening events, theatre visits and concert trips.


Students board at our top-of-the-range facilities at Princess Beatrice House.