International Foundation Year

NCUK International Foundation Programme

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NCUK have been working with international students since 1987 and work in partnership with their 11 founder universities to help international students achieve a place on a UK degree programme. They design pathway programmes that allow you to gain the skills and qualifications needed to enter a UK university. NCUK are a unique organisation because they were founded by 11 leading UK universities. Because of this relationship, they can guarantee you entry into nearly 3,000 degree programmes in the UK. You can choose the programme and university that are right for you.

NCUK universities

University of Bradford

The University of Huddersfield

University of Leeds

Leeds Metropolitan University

The University of Liverpool

Liverpool John Moores University

University of Manchester

Manchester Metropolitan University

University of Salford

University of Sheffield

Sheffield Hallam University


NCUK partner universities

Aston University

University of Birmingham

University of Bristol

University of Kent

Kingston University, London

Queen Mary, University of London


Your assurance of quality

All NCUK programmes are created in conjunction with their founder universities, and all of them are designed to give you the skills you need to get your UK studies off to a flying start. NCUK programmes are recognised and accepted by the majority of universities around the world giving you a globally portable qualification.

Your Best Possible Start

Most foundation programmes offer you very limited choices, often to just one university. NCUK’s International Foundation Year (IFY) gives you the choice of access to a wide range of both universities and courses worldwide.

Remember – All NCUK programmes also include our specialist English for Academic Purposes module designed to give you the language ability and study skills that will give you a head start on your undergraduate degree in the UK.

The NCUK IFY is a modular programme that will prepare you for first-year entry to undergraduate degree courses. At Lansdowne College you can choose from Business or Humanities you will study a combination of modules that fit in with your degree destination.

Find out more about the pathways by clicking on the links below

Business                    Humanities


We are delighted by our students’ success

Our overall results for our first NCUK International Foundation Year programme are 95% A*-C (with C being the benchmark for the NCUK Guarantee), 72% A*/B (entry for more selective universities and degrees), 38% A*-A (entry for the most selective degrees and universities).

This is a fantastic achievement for our students and underlines the quality of our provision and opportunities we provide for our students. Our students’ university degree options are closely managed and final places are currently being confirmed.

Our Foundation programme provides students and universities with very clear measures of ability and performance. Entry Requirements on the NCUK Entry Directories are expressed as both Letter Grades (as is standard practice for Russell Group Universities) and as Points scores (as with UCAS). Some students mistakenly perceive that achieving a letter grade is more difficult than achieving a %. Clearly there are different ways to ‘label’ the same level of performance but that doesn’t mean that it is harder to achieve. For clarity our students results are expressed as a % Score, Letter Grade and Points score as shown below:


The NCUK Guarantee of at least 2 degree offers and a degree place is therefore based on achievement of 50%. NCUK universities do not require IELTS. Language Levels are assessed internally with a minimum of an overall C Grade with no band less than a D is the minimum level for the NCUK Guarantee.

Students who achieve higher grades will have obviously have more choice of universities and degrees. Whilst the benchmark for the NCUK Universities’ Guaranteed degree place is a ‘C’ profile (50%), students who achieve less than 50% are still able to progress to university degrees, it is just that the NCUK Guarantee no longer applies. Performance from 50% Guarantees at least 2 Degree Offers and a Degree Place (a “C” Profile), from 60% (a “B” Profile) provides access to the more selective degrees and universities and from 70% (an “A” Profile) provides the greatest choice. The table below illustrates this:

NCUK grade profile chart

Our students’ experience…

You made taking exams fun and enjoyable, not to mention changing my study methods for the better and giving me confidence which I did not previously have. There is no doubt that without your teaching I would not have got the grades I achieved. I cannot thank you enough; as a result I have got into Kings College London.
James Dixon