Lansdowne College Teachers

Passionate Educators and Experienced Teachers

At Lansdowne College our goal is to ignite an enthusiasm for learning in our students and a desire to succeed that inspires them to excel, both in their studies with us and in their future degrees at university.

We recognise that in order for each of our students to realise their full academic potential, we must inspire them through expert and challenging tuition, delivered by passionate, experienced teachers in small, collaborative and engaging classes. Through this potent combination, our outstanding college enables each one of our students to achieve their best.

Our college provides an energetic and challenging environment in which students are expected to fulfil or exceed their own expectations, based on a rediscovery of the power and joy of learning. Our students receive tuition of a uniformly high quality, which equips them with the self-confidence, knowledge and skills to succeed.

We teach a broad range of different subjects at both A-Level and IGCSE, which can be studied on courses of different lengths. We pride ourselves on having an extremely flexible timetable which can accommodate the learning journeys of all our students and allows any combination of subjects to be studied. Each student is treated individually and can have a tailor-made study programme devised specifically for them.

The infectious enthusiasm of our staff shows students that education is exciting and rewarding. Teachers set targets which are demanding yet realistic, so students feel that teachers are on their side, and the targets feel like less of an imposition and more of an opportunity to develop, en route to success. Our teaching philosophy is to light a fire in our students, which will burn for the rest of their lives.

Lansdowne College’s staff are specialists in the A-Level and IGCSE subjects they teach. Many hold postgraduate qualifications and are experienced examiners. Our teachers are committed and passionate, and have an in-depth understanding of the strategies and techniques students require to achieve success. Our staff are adept at identifying study areas requiring increased focus, as well as maximising students’ strengths, and consequently help their students consistently achieve outstanding examination results.


Lansdowne College Staff List 

Senior Staff 
Mark Love, Principal | BEd, PGCLME
Victoria Matthews, Vice Principal, Designated Safeguarding Lead| BSc, PGCE
Claire Greenwood, Head of Year| BA, MA, MEd Cantab.
Georgina Prichard, Head of Year| BA
Tim Maher, Head of Year| BA, MA, AKC
Jeremy Brown, Curriculum Area Leader| BSc, PGCE
Peter Fullagar, Curriculum Area Leader| BA, PGCE, MA
Vickash Seeburrun, Curriculum Area Leader| BA, MA, MSc
Imran Shah, Subject Area Leader| BSc
Jo Simmonds, Foundation and Higher Education Manager | BA

Social Sciences and Arts
Jeremy Brown, Psychology| BSc, PGCE
Eamonn Marren, Sociology| BSc, PGCE, MA
David Callard, History, Government and Politics| BA, PGCE
Sumayya Ladha, History, Government and Politics| BSc
Tracy Urch, Geography| BA, PGCE
Howard Feasey, Geography |BSc
Stephen Burrows, Religious Studies| BA, PGCE
Kei Bell, Drama & Theatre Studies| BA, PGCE
David Shilling, Fine Art |BA, PGCE
Geraldine Brennan, Textiles | BA, PGCE, MA
Cesar Gonzalez, Graphic Communication, Photography | MA
Cathy Graham, Photography| BSc
Fiona Pearson, Physical Education | BA

English & Foreign Languages
Peter Fullagar, English for Academic Purposes | BA, PGCE, MA
Vanessa Saunders, English for Academic Purposes |BA
Csilla Hodges, English for Academic Purposes | MA, DELTA
Philip Carr, English Language | BA Cantab. PGCE, MA,
Claire Greenwood, English Literature | BA, MA, MEd Cantab.
Tim Maher, Film Studies, English literature | BA, MA, AKC
Dave Dowson, Media Studies, English literature | BA, PGCE, MA
Johanna Williamson, French & Spanish | BA, PGCE, MA
Alexandra Raimundo, French & Spanish | BA, MA
Alejandra Munecas, Spanish | BA, PGCE
Monika Boothby, German | MA
Findlay Nicol, Latin, Greek | MA, Dip Ed.
Jo Simmonds, Russian| BA

Mathematics, Sciences & Economics
Sarah Kenny, Biology | BA
Rini Mukherjee, Biology | BSc, MSc
Andy Homer, Chemistry | BSc, PGCE
Cecil Chan, Chemistry | BSC, PhD, PGCE
Neil Townson, Chemistry |BA, MA Oxon.
Mohammad Arif, Computer Science & Mathematics | MSc BIT
Tom Peet, Mathematics |BSc, PGCE, MBA
Zahra Merali, Mathematics and Medical Programme Co-ordinator |BSc
Peter Rapps, Mathematics | BA, PGCE Oxon.
Alice Cicconi, Mathematics | BSc, PGCE
Peter Zhao, Mathematics | MEng
Kisnasagaryum, Chedumbarum Mathematics | BSc, PCGE
James Hilder, Physics | BSc, PG Dip, PGCE, QTLS
Imran Shah, Physics | BSc
Jake Connor, Accounting, Business Studies |BA, PGCE
Paul Craven, Business Studies |
Georgina Prichard, Business Studies |BA
Jonathan Roberts, Economics| BA, BSc, PGCE, MEd
Vickash Seeburrun, Economics | BA, MA, MSc

Administrative & Support Staff
Paul Ludlow, Principal Head of Boarding and Welfare
Aurelius Lewis, Head of Boarding
Sally Blizard, Senior House Parent
William Fewry, House Parent
Robina Jeffrey, House Parent
Jackie Laing, House Parent
William Brown, House Parent
Abdul Kamara, House Parent
Philip Potter, House Parent
David Dogue, House Parent
Abigail Harding, House Parent
Nadia Khan, House Parent

Lara Porfyrova, Administrative Officer

Denny Gamble, Administrative Assistant

Operations and Catering Team
Ray Saunders, Director of Operations
Emanuele Murgia, Operations and Catering Manager
Julio Osorio, Maintenance
Jacques N’Guessan, Maintenance
Noemi Liuzzo, Cleaner
Elena Monica, Coser Cleaner
Tito Kamruzzaman, Catering Assistant